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Starter Hitachi Direct Drive

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Starter Hitachi Direct Drive
Part Number: 17000R
Price: $56.22

Engine Mfg:Yanmar
Engine:Dsl, 9 tooth, CW
Product  Attributes: 
Manufacture Hitachi
Voltage 12
Power Rating 1
Tooth Quantity 9
Family DD
Starter Rotation Clockwise
Interchanges With: 
Armature DNS S18209
Arrowhead Electrical Products SHI0080
Barsanco 590-18209
Bosch Newman SR5052N
Cargo 111706
Cosmos 90-18209
Dixie Electric S-8553
Dixie Electric New 243-12124
DuBois Marketing 918209
EGI S-18209
Hitachi S114-303, S114-303A
Industry 18209
J&N 410-44031
Lester 18209
Lucas (Europe) LRS1128
Mondial 74-033-30
Mondial New 74-033-30N
MPA X X718209
PIC 104-333
Precision DAS 18209
Remy Small Motor RS41147
Romaine Electric 18209N, 18209N-CT, 41-18209
Unipoint STR-3805
WAI 18209N, 2-1872-HI
Wilson Auto Electric 91-25-1103
Yanmar 128170-77010, 128170-77010D
Romaine Electric 16831N, 41-16674
Toyota 28100-08020, 28100-35060
Unipoint STR-8006
WAI 16831N, 2-1614-ND
Wilson Auto Electric 91-29-5391
ZM 80.140.05